Bicycle rentals

City-wide bicycle rental network "Velobike"

It is one of the best options due to a large number of rental spots: over 200 spots and over 2700 bikes.

How to use:

1. Download mobile app and register. You need to provide your phone number (most likely this app works only with local SIM-cards) and an e-mail on registration. Right after that you'll receive an SMS with login and PIN-code. You may also register via terminal at the rental spot or via website. However the app is more convenient way as you may look for the rental spots on the map and check on bicycles and parking lots availability immediately.

2. Choose the desired tariff plan and pay ( recommends to use VISA or MasterCard to avoid any technical issues). For a day-long ride the "Sutki" (24 hours) tariff plan would be more preferable (150 RUR). If you stay in Moscow for more than 4 days and plan to use this service every day you may choose the "Mesyats" (month) tariff plan (600 RUR) NB: your card will be charged with a security deposit of 1,000 RUR for bike rent (you will be reimbursed 1,000 RUR minus renting costs upon expiration of your tariff plan (24 hours or a month)).

3. Find the nearest rental spot using the app and choose a bike. Press OK button on the bike console and follow the instructions. You may pull the bike out of the binding after the buzzer.

4. You may leave the bike at any rental spot. You may check the parking lots availability in the app. Push the bike into the binding, press OK button and wait for an SMS with confirmation.

How much does it cost?

First 30 minutes of every ride are included into your tariff plan. This can give you enough time to reach the next rental spot. However, you will have to wait for at least 15 minutes before you can get another “free” ride. Rides longer than 30 minutes are charged as follows:

CONS: the rental network covers wide areas of the city, but still, it doesn't cover all of it. Most of the rental spots are in the city center within the Garden Ring road (Sadovoe Koltso street), in the southern districts of Moscow and at VDNKh.

Bike-rentals in parks.

There is no city-rental spot near the Sokolniki park but it has its own rental (as well as Gorky Park and VDNKh do). They accept only cash payments.
Sokolniki: the rental is at the central circle of the park. It costs about 200-350 RUR/hour and the security deposit is 2,000 RUR.
Gorky Park: the cost is 200-350 RUR/hour. The security deposit is about 3,000 RUR. You will also need your passport or other ID, otherwise the security deposit will be higher.
VDNKh: the rental is to the left of the main entrance. The cost is about 200 RUR/hour or 600-1,000 RUR/24 hours. The security deposit is from 2,000 to 5,000 depending on the bike class. You may also need your passport or other ID which in some cases can be used as a “deposit” for a bike.

Other options:

You may rent a bike at third-party rentals. There are several available spots. Not only can you rent ordinary city bikes there, but more professional style bikes as well.